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Top 50 Flower and Garden Blogs Interflora


ACS Distance Education said...

Orchids are one of the most viable cut flower crops - due to their beauty and also their long shelf life.
Phalaenopsis orchids have been popular house plants since the Victorian times, when the opening up of the ‘new world’ meant that botanists were bringing home many rare species of plants. Orchids were rare then because the long journey home to other continents meant that many died on the way.
The popularity of potted plants waned somewhat in the early 20th century - as a direct result, the cut flower trade improved. In recent years there is once again a shift towards the potted plant in many parts of the world with China leading the world in the production of potted cymbidium orchids. Cut flower imports however is still a healthy market - with Japan leading the field followed by Italy, France and Germany.
Phalaenopsis orchids, being easy to grow and flower in the home environment, are the most widely cultivated orchid today, accounting for around 66% of the world market. Wide scale potted production takes place in China, Netherlands, Germany, Taiwan, USA and Japan. The world export /import trade of orchids - both cut flower and potted - exceeded $150million in the year 2000, approximately 20percent of this was for potted orchids the balance being the cut flower trade.

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