Monday, 26 May 2008

Loose Duck Race

No, ducks aren't running riot in some sort of paddling marathon. Loose is where I live, and today is the day of the annual duck race when hundreds of yellow plastic ducks bob competitively along the Brooks Stream (that's it on the left; pretty isn't it?) to the noisy delight of children and adults alike. Except that today, as I write, it's pouring with rain and winds are so high they can't get the refreshments marquee up. I've been up since six, baking the cakes I foolishly promised to donate when full of wine and bonhomie in the local pub at Christmas (these things are planned well in advance you know).

I also have my orders from our leader, the venerable Roy Hood. Tanya and I must allocate the even numbered ducks and Sean will do the odd. I'm not quite sure why this is, but orders are orders. Must leave now as I need to find my wet weather gear.
Full race report, the runners and the riders etc, will be posted later, after I've dried off.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Hampton Court countdown

Only four weeks until we start the build for Hampton Court Flower Show, and the garden will be judged just two weeks after that! After seeing the tears, disappointment and sheer exhaustion at Chelsea last week I'm beginning to wonder what I've let myself in for...although it's going to be sooooo exciting.

All the hard materials are sourced now, thanks to my brilliant partner in design Wendy. The plants (my special responsibility) are looking good, although I'm still having trouble sourcing some. One is a wild flower which is now very rare (I'm not telling you what it is so as not to spoil the surprise). That's it's rare in the wild does not surprise me in the least because I can't get the b....y seeds to germinate. At the other end of the plant fecundity scale, some which shouldn't flower until July are bursting to get out now, and there's only so much pinching out they'll stand before going into a big sulk. But then, just when I start to get a bit edgy, I think of the trees. Three slender, beautiful Betula utilis var. jacquemontii, planted in a clump when whips to look like a multistem.

Off for a run now. I'm in training for my role as labourer during the first stages of the build. Of course when it comes to the planting I can go all designer(y) and wax lyrical about drifts and swathes...