Saturday, 11 October 2008

Back from Iceland

Not because Iceland is the latest Big Issue seller on the block but because I was never there in the first place. To all you lovely people who read my last post and wished me good luck in my new career in Iceland, apologies. It was a joke. Just not a funny one that anyone got. No, my real reason for lack of posts in recent weeks is far more mundane.

Being a bit concerned about the current downturn in the economy I decided to take pretty much any job that came my way. As a result I've been working flat out pruning, digging, dividing, hedge trimming etc. Although I'm currently extremely fit (six hours straight digging will do that for you) I'm also so knackered by the end of the day that it's as much as I can do to keep house and home together, let alone write a blog!

My clever plan has backfired on me a bit because so far there seems no shortage of people looking to get their gardens designed so I'm a bit snowed under on that front too. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe as people aren't moving because house prices have plummeted, they are deciding to invest in a new garden instead. Or perhaps they think that as they won't be having expensive holidays for a while they might as well enjoy their own back yard.


Esther Montgomery said...

Oh. Totally fell for that.

Except, re-reading it, I don't suppose you actually meant it as a joke - more of a turn of phrase.

This reader, at any rate, must be more intellectually challenged than previously allowed for.

And I must suffer from selective-belief-syndrome because I really believed you had gone to Iceland, tried to rationalise polishing armour and shelf-filling but took cat breeding with a pinch of salt.

(I suppose you're not planning to plant a vineyard either? Oh dear. Now I won't be able to ask your opionion on whether to prune in the autumn or the spring.)

But glad you've got work (if you have).

Glad you're feeling fit (if you are).

Think your husband's poem in the sidebar is beautiful(if he is).

(Your husband.)

(Even if he isn't, it is.)


Hope the lady who wanted Versailles in her back garden survived your defection (if she ever was). . . . .

and whether was or she wasn't, please may we have more stories about her?


Catherine Kenny said...

Hello Esther. How lovely to hear from you. Yes, the armour polishing was a bit obscure. It's a reference to the Northern Lights trilogy by Philip Pulman. Iofur Raknison is King of the armoured bears, hence the armour polishing(am I sounding a bit nuts?)

Anyway, the rest is true. My husband and his poem are beautiful, I am fit but knackered and I am planning to plant some vines...although I was a bit disappointed to find out that the yield is likely to be just one bottle per vine. Seems like an awful lot of work for very little reward! I'm planting Regent, which produces a light red wine apparently.

Watch this space for the results of my foray into the world of viticulture!

VP said...

Aha, now I understand where you've been :)

emmat said...

Joe Swift said exactly the same thing when I interviewed him a few weeks ago - that he thought he was getting more calls if anything because people thought that if they weren't going to be able to move, they might as well finally sort out their bl*&^£^£y garden

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