Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The story continues...

3 July: Spent a fruitless two hours chasing around the M25 for a rendezvous with a man delivering Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Southern Marsh Orchid) on behalf of his father, who grows them. The pressure is really on now, and I don't have time to waste, but his car developed a fault and he had to abandon the handover (sounds like I'm dealing in drugs or something). He says he'll try again tomorrow.

Out of our original batch of 20 plants only four are still flowering so I really need these extra ones, but you have to be so careful when buying orchids because there are some very dodgy types out there who dig them up in the wild then sell them on as cultivated plants. Quentin checked this grower out very thoroughly and we have proof of the plants' provenance. They'll look lovely in the long, lush grass at the rear of the garden. I'm planting oxeye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) too.

8 July: The show opens to the public today. God, I'm tired. It would have been great to have had a break after finishing the build just to get some energy for today, but we only just got it finished in time. Two weeks isn't long. Still, Wendy and I are really pleased with it. It looks absolutely lovely (a completely objective opinion of course). Click on the pic to see if you agree.

Which brings me to today, at home still looking after Lily while Wendy labours on breaking the garden down. I'll be there tomorrow though, as we have to have it completely cleared by Friday, back to the 4 by 6 metre rectangle of bare earth, as though it had never been.

Was it worth all the planning, organisation, frustration and exhaustion? Yes. Would I do it again? Ask me in a months' time!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

The garden is lovely and it is amazing how it looks so well established. Like it's been there for a long time.

Catherine Kenny said...

Thank you so much Robin. I really loved the garden and was so sad when we had to demolish it after the show. Still, all the plants (including the lovely clump of three birch trees) have gone to good homes, including some which are now very happy in my own garden!

Lucy said...

Agreed. It looks lovely.

Does the arch rising from the backs of the chairs meet overhead?

If I saw them, I would immediately want to run up and sit on one - and I know there are members in my family who would fight each other over a place!


Catherine Kenny said...

The arches were symbolic of Samaritans ethos and didn't actually form a circle, just slightly overlapped. The idea is that they listen and give people time and space, but are not actually connected to you, like a friend or member of the family would be. The distance between the seats was important too. We were very thoroughly briefed by the charity!

Lucy said...

I keep thinking about these chairs and the arch.

The Samaritans definitely know what they are about.

(Well, obviously they do - but it extends to chairs and arches.)

If the arch joined at the top, I would like to sit on one of the chairs when a close family member or friend was sitting on the other but not if it were anyone else.

If it joined at the top and I sat on one side but the other chair remained empty, I'd feel silly; perhaps a bit apprehensive. If anyone I didn't know came and sat opposite, I'd probably get up and go away.

With the arch not joining at the top - if I sat in one of the chairs while the other remained empty, I'd feel lonely.

With the arch not joining at the top - if someone I don't know sat in the chair opposite, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all. I'd smile at them.


Catherine Kenny said...

Lucy, your reaction is exactly what the Samaritans hope it will be when someone contacts them. The distance apart of the seats was important too. I'm not a Sam but I did go through the selection process and I know it's all about giving people space and time...hence the name of the garden 'Breathing Space...Thinking Place'

Huong Nguyen said...

This is very clear and I think I can actually make these, love making paper flowers. Might have to buy those wire thingy’s but can make them. With all you bloggers have to do it’s a wonder you can remember anything you need to do or if you have done hoa tuoi